No-Good Heroes

A Superhero Comedy

The universe is fucked up, our heroes are no good, and the plan to save it all is non-existent. Follow the superheroes Chrissa, Calvin, and Kacker as they fight their own incompetence to save us all.

... We're doomed.

This series has completed!

The Cast


A loveable shithead who'll bully you into saving his ass.


Just a really cool guy. Like cool. Ice. Alright? Like, okay. Geez.


Her anger issues know no bounds, and she'll be sure to let you know.

Latest Updates

April 21, 2024

The final book of the trilogy, now in Norwegian!

Earlier this month, the final book of the series went on sale, concluding a story that was first conceptualized in 2015, finished as a web series in 2020 and started its Norwegian run in 2022. We hope you've enjoyed the run! The book is available for purchase through the publisher Überpress' online store.

May 12, 2023

Book 2 releases in Norwegian

2023 sees another Norwegian release in the No-Good Heroes series, published by Überpress. Presented publicly and launched at Spillhuset, Bergen. The book is available for purchase through their online store as well as at

May 23, 2022

Norwegian Release by Überpress

Roughly one year after its completion, No-Good Heroes sees an official Norwegian translation released by Überpress. The book is available for purchase through their online store as well as at

Apr 27, 2021

Project Completion

No-Good Heroes finished it's 5-year run on April 27, 2021. Going online on August 9, 2016, this series was the first long form story created by Zilo Media's Lars Erik Helgemo and Markus Pedersen.



Lars Erik Helgemo


Markus Pedersen


Are Edvardsen / Überpress

Editor - Udugelege Heltar (Norwegian Release)

Arild Torvund Olsen / Nynorsksenteret

Assisting Norwegian Translation - Udugelege Heltar (Norwegian Release)