An epic science fantasy

No one has returned from the Maw, a dark and fearsome cave system which people believe connects their small nation Jayu to an outside world. Follow Ilya and Tula's adventure into the unknown as they search for long lost friends and uncover the mysteries of the world.

The Cast


Get a taste of the comic! These images are taken from different stages of production.

Latest Updates

Project updates are posted here as we have more to share on its status, come back later for more news!

Dec 3, 2022

Progress update #2

With both the release of Udugelege Heltar and the completion of the short story Skrømt out of the way, the pace increased dramatically in the last few months of the year. Sketching stood at a standstill all the way until August, but as of today has reached 150 pages.

The first book is estimated to land on 220 pages. 

May 05, 2022

Progress update #1

There has been several progress updates within Keep Busy on tapas and webtoon, but here's a quick summary of what has happened so far.

  • December 1: The characters Sawsut and Ovi were revealed alongside with their designs.
  • January 1: The first draft of the script was announced as completed
  • February 1 - May 1: Production of the first 40 pages

As of today, there are 46 pages sketched. Production speed has been somewhat reduced due to other deadlines demanding attention.

We've also added a gallery to this section of the site, sharing any images that are revealed on a monthly basis.

Nov 1, 2021

Project announcement

The project was officially announced for the first time on the final update for No-Good Heroes, April 27, 2021. The announcement was further iterated on a Keep Busy update on November 1, 2021. Including character art for Ilya and Tula.