Udugelege Heltar, Volum 3

The final book now in Norwegian!

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The Latest Short Story Gets its Physical Release in Overtrykk 2022

"Overtrykk 2022" releases with a collection of fantastic stories from around Norway. 7 stories are collected in this book headlined by Ørjan Aarvik's "Brakkvatn" who has also created the beautiful cover art. "Skrømt" by Lars is a sci-fi horror story. The last enclave of humanity struggling day to day, scavenging for food to make ends meet, when a mysterious creature brings hope that things will finally change.

The Short Story is available for sale in Norwegian. Online release will be announced at a later date.

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Published in Norwegian | Norske titler

Udugelege Heltar, Volum 3: Endelaus

Superhero • Comedy • Cartoon Violence Swearing