About Zilo Media

Zilo Media was first created as a name under which the creators Lars Helgemo and Markus Pedersen could publish the superhero comic No-Good Heroes. While the series started planning in 2015 and saw its first published episodes online in fall 2016, the company itself wasn't established until 2017.

Before any sale of comics however, Zilo Media was a graphics and design focused endeavor delivering logos, 3D models and other similar products for use in architecture and advertisement.

Founding Members

While being a sole proprietorship, the company was started as a partnership of two.

Lars Helgemo currently works as a UI/UX designer for InkyPen and a Lead Artist at Rain Games, while still maintaining productivity on various comic book projects, all of which can be explored on this site.

Markus Pedersen is a System Development Consultant at Bouvet AS, in layman's terms: he's a programmer. He's also quite the prolific TikTok'er with a solid following, especially considering his content is exclusively Norwegian.